About Reginald


My name’s Reginald Octavius Bartholomew Brown, but you can just call me Reggie. I’ve been in the advertising and marketing business for more years than I care to remember. But before all that, here’s a little bit about me.

I’m East-end born and bred, from a bloodline of top dogs… You’ll probably know my uncle Montgomery Brown from that picture of him and his boys playing poker back in the day. I remember being a young pup listening to the tricks of the trade from those old fellas. I learnt from the best of the best, which led me to Oxford, as well as spending a bit of time stateside at Yale too.

But I was all about being in front of the camera selling shit to people. Everyone wanted a bit of me. That was until all those casting directors suddenly decided they wanted someone more ‘fluffy’ and ‘cute’. What a load of bollocks. So I quit acting and got into advertising instead. From Sterling Cooper to McMann & Tate, to Wallace & McQuade, where haven’t I been? Don Draper learnt all his tricks from me.

Now? I know this business through and through, so thought it was about time I shared some of these tidbits with other marketing folk. Maybe, just maybe, you could be the next Reggie Brown.



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