End of year roundup

As we get close to wrapping up another year, everyone’s throwing out lists of top this and that for the year. Well, you don’t have to wade through all that crap, the only one worth your time is Reggie Brown’s most memorable digital stuff from 2014.

  1. Oculus gender swap experiment

Everyone’s been yapping about Oculus Rift and virtual reality since Facebook bought the Oculus for for a drool-worthy $2bn. It’ll be a while before Oculus is a staple in every house, but some early experiences for it are already making waves. This one lets boys and girls switch bodies and shows a glimpse of what it could do more of in the future. Could us lads be put into the shoes of a woman to really understand what she goes through day-to-day, and vice versa?

  1. Greenpeace – Lego

Who didn’t love mucking about with a bit of Lego as a young pup? I’ve lost count of the amount of pieces I’ve wolfed down. So when the beloved brand announced a partnership with Shell, a lot of people were pretty peeved. Most notably, Greenpeace. Greenpeace like to get pretty vocal when they’re not happy about something, so they made their stance pretty clear with this epic viral video which showed the destruction of a Lego town thanks to a Shell oil spill. Soon after, Lego buckled to the pressure and announced they weren’t going to renew their contract with Shell. Good work Greenpeace.

  1. Oscar selfie 

There’s been a lot of talk of ‘breaking the internet’ this year, but the one that really sticks out was the epic Oscar selfie that Ellen Degeneres posted. The photo was retweeted over 3 million times. Impressive stuff. The only reason this one isn’t higher on my list is because I got cut out of it. If you look closely, you can just about see me over to the right… The Coop’s arms clearly weren’t long enough to do the job properly!

oscars reg

  1. A Chair In A Room

Another Oculus experience up next, but this one isn’t for you scaredy cats out there. Created by Ryan Bousfield, this experience transports you to a creepy room where all you have is a flashlight (with barely any battery), as you then have to figure out what the hell’s going on. A Chair In A Room really is the dog’s bollocks.

  1. Sony hack

Now this wasn’t exactly a good one, but it’s one we’ll all remember… And my guess is there’s still plenty more to play out in this drama. Were North Korea really behind this hack? Was it some kids in their parents’ basement? Or was it even Sony themselves getting some real publicity for ‘The Interview’? I wouldn’t put it past Sony… After all, based on early reviews it looked like The Interview could have been a flop, but now? If they release it online, everyone will want to see it, either out of curiosity, or in principle so as not to let the hackers win! Either way, play it to your advantage Sony is my advice!

  1. Ice Bucket Challenge

It was pretty hard to miss the Ice Bucket Challenge this summer… The campaign raised over $100 million for ALS, which is pretty impressive stuff. Plus it gave everyone, from celebrities, to normal folk, to show off a bit… Whether it was Charlie Sheen dumping $10 grand over his head or Paul Bissonnette getting doused with glacier water, we were all glued to our screens. But I think we can all agree, one ice bucket challenge really came out as top dog…


  1. Launch of Reggie Brown

I’ve listened to the people to decide on the coveted number one spot, and you’ve made it pretty clear, that the best thing to happen to digital this year is… Me! I’m really honoured you lot. I’ve thought about sharing my marketing expertise for some time, but finally thought the time was right to start my own blog. There’s going to be so much more coming for you in 2015 too…

So, that’s your lot. You might think 7 is a bit of an odd number for a countdown, but I’m not going to fill my list with garbage just to round it up to a nice neat 10. It’s not easy to make my list, so no whining if you didn’t cut it… Just do better next year and really stand out.