Top 5 parody Twitter accounts

Who doesn’t enjoy a bit of a pisstake? Twitter’s short form style makes it a great way for all those jokers out there to poke a bit of fun at someone, or actually make a proper point through parody accounts. So, here’s the top 5 parody Twitter accounts that have been making me chuckle lately…. Continue reading

Top 5 Twitter Scares

Halloween is nearly here, and as one of my favourite holidays (even if all that chocolate is supposedly bad for me), I thought I’d celebrate by sharing with you my top 5 Twitter scares, from those guys who just haven’t got this social stuff down. 5. Donald Trump and Billy Ray Cyrus These two old… Continue reading

5 Weird Things Tech Will Make Us Do

Remember the first person you saw using hands free? People shuffling down the street having conversations with themselves, unsure if they’re a muttering crackpot or someone conducting a genuine conversation, it looked pretty f**cking weird. Here’s my prediction of the things we’ll need to get used to. Gawping at people on public transport: People love… Continue reading