Paws for thought with Peter Markey

I’ve recently been chatting to my mate Peter Markey, CMO of the Post Office. Peter was appointed CMO of the Post Office last year, and before that he held the CMO position at RSA and was Marketing Director at More Than Insurance. So it’s safe to say, Peter knows what he’s talking about.


Where did you get your start as a young pup

If you  discount my first job as a waiter in a Swedish cafe in Bath, then the first real job was working on the call centre at British Gas in Southampton. This was one week after I finished University.


Why did you choose this business?

British Gas is a great brand. It was then and it is now. It was a business going through massive, exciting and uncertain change at the time and it was the perfect place to learn and learn fast. My first job in the Marketing  team was as an analyst reporting Marketing campaign performance and ROI so a great place to cut my teeth.


If you weren’t working in Marketing, what would you be doing?

I love radio and my first choice career was to be a radio DJ. It’s one of the reasons I love radio advertising and promotion so much! Sadly my days on University and Hospital Radio in Southampton didn’t help me make it to the big time in radio!


What campaign do you think is the ultimate dog’s dinner?

Having worked with VCCP for many years, I’m a big fan of their work on O2, particularly the “Be More Dog” campaign – great insight, great work and great execution.


What campaign do you think belongs in the doghouse?

Most Pay Day loan ads and any with fake looking celebrity endorsements – not a fan


If you could teach this old dog a new marketing trick, what would it be?

Be curious in the business you are in and don’t let marketing be put in a box – marketing as a Philosophy and a discipline is a driving force for growth in any business.


What app really gets your tail wagging?

Big fan and big user of WhatsApp – great way of connecting groups of friends together


Which social media network are you most likely to spend your time on?

It’s a top 3 for me – equal time on Facebook, Twitter and Linked In. Big fan of social media.


What campaign has left you with your tail between your legs, and what did you learn?

I didn’t personally work on it but a colleague at OneTel (a telecoms company I worked in) signed off a competitor’s phone number on a billboard advert. Key learning is to check and double check!


Which digital challenge keeps you up at night?

Keeping up with the latest trends and ensuring as a business we are testing the right things and rolling out the opportunities that are really working for us. In short, I don’t want to miss anything.


Where do you see digital going in the future?

More personalised and tailored experience. Greater customer and data analytics will help drive this and it will further revolutionise the Marketing landscape.


Who or what is top dog in digital right now?

I still think Amazon are still at the top of their game in user experience and using data to personalise the experience.



You can follow Peter on Twitter @petermarkey.