The brands who won Christmas

The brands who won Christmas

You might be already licking your chops at the thought of tucking into Christmas dinner… But before it’s time to chow down, I wanted to take a look at the brands who proved themselves to be top dog this Christmas.

  1. Sainsbury’s 

Now this is one ad that you either loved or hated… Some people loved the sentiment of celebrating the memorable Christmas truce of World War I, whereas others thought it tasteless to exploit a heartfelt moment for commercial gain. While it is an impressive ad, it does leave a bad taste in my mouth to use something like this to shift some groceries.

  1. Morrisons

The only other supermarket brand to make the cut… Morrisons Christmas ad is pure cheese, but it really hits the spot for me. Plus my mate Bernard has a special cameo alongside Ant and Dec, so I’ve got to support my boy.

  1. Mulberry

This ad is good for a chuckle. A family competes to give the best present, with some stiff competition, including a unicorn. My little nephew, Gerry, even makes an appearance as he pops out of a box – just look at those little chubby cheeks. But in the end, it’s a Mulberry bag that wins it. An amusing ad, but sorry Mulberry, everyone knows sausages would win every time.

  1. Coca Cola

How could I not include Coca Cola on this list? Everyone knows that Christmas time officially starts when you first spot the Coca Cola Christmas ad on the box. This year, the ad is all about giving happiness, and the classic Coca Cola trucks obviously make an appearance too. Pretty happy to see those polar bear bastards gone too, they still owe me money from last year’s Christmas poker tournament.

  1. John Lewis

John Lewis have really turned into the leaders of the pack when it comes to Christmas campaigns. I was pretty surprised to see my mate Monty as the star of the ad this year, and I was even more shocked when they actually found him a girl. Monty and Mabel have been pretty vocal about their relationship on Twitter. We get it guys, you’re in love, but seriously – give it a rest already!